The Internet of Things (IoT) is centered around the idea of having common objects, such as cars and coffee machines, communicating to and learning from other “smart” objects in real-time over the internet. This is made possible by embedding objects with sensors and tiny computers that leverage cloud-computing technologies and artificial intelligence. Today, we are going to experiment with a few of the mainstream IoT products on the market today. Ryan Laux is going to stop by to talk about his remarkable IoT home automation setup. Finally, we will also begin learning how to develop custom IoT devices using




Particle Cloud

Now that we have our devices whitelisted and we have a nifty wifi guest account, we can begin uploading our code to our Photon boards. We will spend a significant amount of the class working through a few simple examples to learn the basic workflow and syntax. We will also explore the Particle-CLI and the Particle cloud. Lastly, we will link IFTTT and Particle to send us text messages when sensor values reach a certain threshold.


Lab / Homework

  • Create a recipe on IFTTT that is triggered when a variable on your Photon board hits a certain threshold. We will be showing some of these during the next class.
  • Install Particle CLI on your PC or MAC